SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., May 04, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AMMO®, Inc. (POWW), one of the premier American made and manufactured ammunitions companies, today announced that the debut of its new, technologically-advanced ammunition stole the spotlight from firearms at this year’s National Rifle Association (NRA) Annual Meetings and Exhibits.  The Company’s booth at this year’s NRA convention, which was held in Atlanta over this past weekend, was overwhelmed with gun enthusiasts who, out of genuine interest and curiosity, had to see for themselves  how AMMO, Inc.’s new product lines are redefining the market for premium ammunition with the message that the right ammo can make a good firearm great.

In addition to President Trump’s participation, who has been a long-term NRA supporter, nearly 82,000 consumers and trade members attended this year’s NRA Annual Meetings in Atlanta, the highest attendance since 2013.  The increasing attendance by firearm enthusiasts, year-after-year, at both the NRA’s Annual Meetings as well as other gun and ammunition trade shows serve to display the latest innovations from the firearm and ammunition industries while also helping to educate the average amateur gun enthusiast who then has a higher likelihood of becoming a gun and ammunition buyer.  This dynamic is what has been driving the industry’s consistent strength and expansion.

AMMO, Inc.’s Partners, Jesse James and Jeff Rann, Were One of Largest Attractions of this Year’s NRA Meeting 

AMMO, Inc. partners and well-known celebrities, Jesse James and Jeff Rann signed autographs at AMMO, Inc.’s booth and showcased their respective product offerings to an enthusiastic audience.  Famed motorcycle designer and gun builder, Jesse James’ line of branded bullets is not only built in the USA with superior quality and cutting edge technology, but they also offer the consumer a trendsetting identity and the knowledge that the same bullets chambered in their gun are the same bullets that Jesse James uses in his own custom brand of firearms, which are featured on his website at

Jeff Rann, an award-winning hunter and owner of the world-famous 777 Ranch in Hondo, Texas, discussed his recently announced signature lines – Safari Series and American Hunter Series at the event. The Jeff Rann-branded ammunition is expected to make its debut in the fall of this year.  The multiple calibers offered by these new product lines are built to AMMO, Inc.’s high standards to deliver reliability with repeatable and predictable results.

The AMMO, Inc. product line includes other innovative products such as: One Precise Shot®  (OPST); Open-Tipped Frangible (OTF®) projectiles, which separate on impact for devastating stopping power due to 100% of the energy being transferred to the target; and /stel™/ subsonic ammunition, which combines AMMO, Inc.’s proprietary HyperClean®) technology and precision standards, which were designed from the ground up with both decibel drop and cleanliness in mind.

Significant Changes in Munitions Industry Favor AMMO, Inc.

“The firearms industry hasn’t changed its thinking in over a century when it comes to ammunition. After all, why put money into making and marketing innovative ammunition, when most consumers simply tend to buy what they know?” said Fred Wagenhals, Chief Executive Officer of AMMO, Inc.

Continued Mr. Wagenhals, “Today’s consumers have become much more discerning and have come to realize that in many cases superior munitions make as much, if not a bigger difference, than the quality of the actual firearm itself.  However, although the consumer has begun to realize this concept, many manufacturers have failed to adapt to this industry-wide evolution.  This lack of adoption to a changing industry has created a very large and lucrative void for a forward-looking company like AMMO, Inc. and, based on initial feedback, we believe we have built ourselves a very strong and growing position in the multi-billion dollar and consistently growing munitions industry.

“Our appearance at NRA’s Annual Meetings represented one of our first trade show appearances and, based on the foot traffic and interest in our new and different product lines, I think it is safe to say that the munitions industry is ripe for much-needed new technologies, unique branding, innovative merchandising and, as always, the power of the celebrity to support our new product line’s launch,” continued Mr. Wagenhals.

CEO Expects to Achieve Significant Revenue and Earnings Growth in 2017 and Beyond

“The NRA Annual Meetings show is just the beginning of the growth story for AMMO, Inc.  We are excited at the tremendous response we received to our products, marketing, brand ambassadors and our overall message at the conference.  It is this significant demand coupled with the lack of supply of ammunition in the marketplace that we believe will enable us to achieve record revenues and earnings for 2017 and beyond as we continue to expand our product offerings, increase our points of distribution and continue to capture additional market share from those players in the industry that simply have ignored the writing on the wall,” concluded Mr. Wagenhals.

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