AMMO, Inc. Positioned to Capitalize on Projected Market Growth 

Ammunition Market Projected Growth-$20.8 billion (US) to $24.9 billion (US) by 2025 

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., December 14, 2020 — AMMO, Inc. (NASDAQ: POWW) (“AMMO” or the “Company”), a premier American ammunition and munition components manufacturer and technology leader, is poised to execute on its sales plans to take advantage of projected substantial annual market growth expected to result in global ammunition sales of approximately $24.9 billion (US) by 2025. 

A Changing Global Market 

The global ammunition market size is projected to grow from $20.8 billion (US) in 2020 to $24.9 billion (US) by 2025. To date in 2020, nearly 7.7 million individuals purchased a firearm for the first in the U.S. Background checks, a precursor and surrogate measure for firearms purchases, increased by more than 45% in November (National Shooting Sports Foundation/November, 2020). 40% of the first-time gun buyers were women – one of the largest increases ever in this demographic. Current uncertainty in the US political landscape, COVID’s adverse social and economic impact and the evolving military and law enforcement markets continue to fuel the current surge demand. “This continuing market surge is reflected in our $135 million in open orders and the Company receiving a $5 million PO for Streak™ just last week,” said AMMO’s Chairman and CEO, Fred Wagenhals. 

“AMMO is well-positioned to achieve exponential positive revenue growth based upon implementation of strategic production capacity increases we had planned for pre-COVID. We also offer a differentiating product no competitor can provide the shooting public, law enforcement and our military partners – our patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition. STREAK™ is the perfect range round for new gun owners to train with as they log hours on the range perfecting accurate and safe shooting habits. The STREAK’s one-way non-incendiary luminescent technology allows the shooter to see their round fly downrange and make immediate corrections as they train on their gun. The law enforcement and military training applications are self-evident and the live-fire combat applications are unparalleled. We started this Company with a focused strategy to disrupt a complacent industry by bringing products to market that would enhance the individual shooter’s experience – and that is exactly what we continue to work on each and every day,” said Mr. Wagenhals. 

About AMMO, Inc. 

AMMO was founded in 2016 with a vision to change, innovate and invigorate the complacent munitions industry. The Company designs and manufactures products for a variety of markets, including law enforcement, military, hunting, sport shooting and self-defense. AMMO promotes its company branded munitions, its patented STREAK™ Visual Ammunition, /stelTH/™ subsonic munitions, and O.W.L. Technologies®. The Company’s corporate offices are headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. Manufacturing operations are based in both northern Arizona and Manitowoc, Wisconsin. For more information please visit: 

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