1. How does it work?
We put a luminescent on the backside of the projectile that uses the light emitted from the discharge of the round to cause it to glow. There is no heat generated, so it can’t start a fire.
2. I can’t see Streak, why not?
Streak is designed to be seen in low-light or no-light situations. Streak does not glow as bright as the sun, so can’t be seen in the light of day. Streak is a point-and-shoot ammunition. If you take aim, just raise your head slightly to see Streaks glow. There is a 30-degree window behind the shooter where Streak is visible to those around you. You must be standing behind the shooter to see Streak’s glow.
3. Can I shoot it at an indoor shooting range?
Absolutely! Streak generates no heat, so unlike a traditional tracer, it cannot start a fire. Streak is a wonderful training aid for beginning shooters at the range as well as those improving their skills.
1. What is it?
stelTH is our sub-sonic ammunition for those customers that utilize a suppressor. The velocity is low enough that the round does not break the sound barrier. We collaborated with leading suppressor manufacturers to design a sub-sonic round with both decibels drop and clean burning powders to make a superior suppressed round. Not only is it silent, but it slows baffle corrosion inside the can and reduces lead emissions that collect in the suppressor body.
Ammo, Inc. Signature Line
1. What is it?
Our Ammo, Inc. Signature line of ammunition consists of target and defense rounds. All our ammo is American made! Target ammo has balanced velocity and recoil and is great for plinking. Our Defense jacketed hollow point line is loaded for extreme accuracy and reliability. Rifle rounds are designed to have flawless cycling and superior accuracy.
Customer Support
1. Purchasing – Where to buy?
Go to the Store Locator tab on our home page to find a store near you. Also, your local gun/ammo shop should be able to stock our ammo brands too.
2. Defective ammo Return?/Support etc..
Contact customer service - phone or email and explain your concerns 480-947-0001
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