Why Jagemann Munition components?
Tighter dimensional tolerances guarantee a properly seated bullet and ensure successful firing each time the trigger is pulled. By maintaining military/match specs, we provide the shooter with a precision product touting exceptional consistency. A product that thrives in an environment where it’s the first shot that counts.
JMC Rifle Brass
Quality brass for a flawless performance from the first shot to the last
Shoot Winchester? Prefer Lapua? Or, is Remington more your style? No matter which brand you prefer, Jagemann™ rifle brass is always reliable, precise, and American made. Our bulk rifle brass has been designed for mostly every type of firearms enthusiast, from military and law enforcement agencies, singe and team competition marksmen/women, weekend target shooters, to those reloading for the perfect hunting adventure.

Depending on your style, our rifle reloading brass is available in bottleneck profiles, rimless designs, as well as belted options – each drawn from premium, American-made brass cups. So, don’t just shoot with any brass, find Jagemann™ rifle brass for sale and get the shoot you expect.
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JMC Pistol Brass
Premium grade, American-made brass for shooters who want the best
Jagemann™ pistol brass has been manufactured to perform effortlessly across more than a dozen of the most common pistol types, including 10mm automatics, .357 magnums, and preferred military/police-style weaponry. That means no matter how you choose to shoot, whether you’re a pro shooter or a casual sporting enthusiast, we have bulk pistol brass for sale that’s precision-built to match the occasion.

Capable of producing straight, rimless, semi-rimmed, and bottleneck designs, our pistol reloading brass delivers confidence to shooters on the hunt, at target practice, and when it comes to their personal defense.ss for sale and get the shoot you expect.
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Ammonia Vapor testing
Confirms quality and consistency of the final product, resistance to corrosion, and a long life.
Vickers hardness testing
Exact locations on the casing base, neck, and head are tested for hardness, ensuring durable and reliable performance.
Smaller manufacturing runs
Provides greater attention to detail and tighter quality standards compared to larger manufacturers.
Process control
Our processes have been studied statistically and are monitored to ensure the highest consistency casings are manufactured and delivered. All of our technicians are trained in SPC and follow established procedures based on decades of automotive deep draw experience.
Military/match spec
Dimensions are held to a tighter standard so that the final product performs exceptionally every time.
Automated dimensional inspection
Precise measurements of the dimensional aspects of each casing ensure vital performance characteristics are achieved. Concentricity, wall thickness, hardness, and uniformity are guaranteed from part to part and lot to lot.
Cartridge customization
Each cartridge design can be dimensionally customized for use with specific weapons and projectiles.
ISO 9001:2015 Certified
The Jagemann Munition Components quality management system is ISO 9001:2015 certified with TUV Rheinland of North America. Our ISO certification ensures a quality set of principles and efficient processes to consistently satisfy our customers.
JMC Brass
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