10mm Brass

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Ideal for hunting game at medium range and well-suited for tactical defense, the 10mm Automatic packs exceptional power that rivals the average .357 Magnum round, providing the shooter with a greater range and flatter flight trajectory. Often known as a caliber with a niche following, the 10mm Automatic remains the choice caliber amongst several U.S. law enforcement agencies.

SAAMI Specifications
  • Type: Pistol
  • Date of Origin: 1983
  • Case Type: Rimless, Straight
  • Neck Diameter: .423 in (10.70mm)
  • Base Diameter: .426 in (10.81mm)
  • Rim Diameter: .425┬áin (10.85mm)
  • Rim Thickness: .055 in (1.40mm)
  • Case Length: .992 in (25.20mm )
  • Primer Type: Large Pistol
  • Max Pressue: 37,500 psi