.300 Blackout Brass

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The .300 Blackout is designed to provide a compact .30 caliber solution to the AR platform and has quickly become a much sought-after round by military and commercial markets. It utilizes existing magazines and features minimal recoil while still packing the punch found in a heavier .30 caliber round.

Capable of supersonic and subsonic performance, the .300 Blackout has much to offer military and law enforcement operations. The round’s versatile performance has earned it notoriety in the sportsman’s market as a great option for hunting medium-sized game.

SAAMI Specifications
  • Type: Military/LE, Personal Defense, Sporting
  • Date of Origin: January 17th 2011 (parent case is 221 Fire ball/.223 Rem)
  • Case Type: Rimless, Bottleneck
  • Neck Diameter: .334 in (8.5mm)
  • Shoulder Diameter: .3607 in (9.1617mm)
  • Base Diameter: .376 in (9.6012mm)
  • Case Length: 1.368 in (34.7472mm)
  • Primer Type: Small Rifle Primer
  • Max Pressue: 55,000 psi