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The AMMO INCORPORATED® /stelTH/® line is more than just a standard round tuned for subsonic velocity. Most manufacturers simply tune a standard round for subsonic velocity. Not at AMMO INC. /stelTH/™ is purpose-built for silence. The combination of technology, engineering, and collaboration with leading suppressor manufacturers make /stelTH/™ some of the most advanced subsonic cartridges in existence today. It’s a round that slows baffle erosion and reduces build-up in your suppressor. All this with a very competitive price tag.
A suppressed firearm gets dirty a LOT faster. A dirty firearm means a shorter range day, or at the least, one that requires you to continually lube your firearm. Here’s the secret of /stelTH/™ subsonic ammunition: Hyperclean™ Technology. As the name implies, it’s designed to burn clean. What does this mean to you? Your shooting day just got longer because your firearm stays cleaner, and your cleaning time just got shorter.
A big fireball may look cool, but think of all that wasted powder! Hyperclean Technology not only reduces waste, it is designed to provide complete powder burn with the lower pressures found in subsonic rounds. Your ears, your blast baffle, and silencer will thank you.
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